Private Photography Classes

Is your camera confusing you?

Private Photography Classes. Photography classes for the traveler, the hobbyist and the mom photographer. We have private classes for the emerging photographer. Confused about which button to press or what that dial is there for?   Let us de-confuse you and get you started with your digital camera.

Photography classes that will help you understand your camera.

Learn how to photograph in the manual way and take control of your camera. Learn to photograph like a PRO!  Contact Marguerite for more information and to sign up for a private class. Stop using AUTO and control your camera.  Create the photographs that you want to. Learn about depth of field to emphasize subjects, learn more about color and photography composition.

Travel photographers and photography enthusiasts:

Learn how to compose a good photograph.  Use your lenses efficiently. Control your exposure. Do you know what you should take with you on your next trip? The best lenses? What about a good camera bag?

When we speak about photography we are really speaking about light.  Learn all about how light will affect the mood of your photography. Learn how to create dynamic images and how to create different atmosphere through using different qualities of light. Take one of our photography classes and you will see the difference in how you look at the things that surround you. Learn to see and pre visualize a photograph to create fabulous compositions.

Is there a baby on the way?

We have online newborn baby photography classes for new moms.   contact Marguerite Beaty. Get more “Likes”!  Twitter your photos away and get them liked on Instagram and facebook too! We are in the media! Photography Best Program! As seen on

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The Business of Photography:  Classes about how to set up your photo business. Learn how to do a business plan and control your personal finances. Learn how to set your personal fees, prices for your services, prints and files. Photography and Marketing: Did you know that you can use photography to show how your company works? We are all so visual.  This is the best way to communicate with people. Make photography part of your marketing plan. Photography classes will teach you how to take great photographs so that you can showcase your company in a bright way. Use photography to communicate in social media. Photography classes: Miami. We offer photography classes online, via Google hangout and Skype. Please contact me prior to registration and to obtain more information. E mail me questions about photography classes.

Location:  Brickell Area and South Miami area.

Introduction to Digital Photography I

Travel Photography

How to Photograph your Baby (will be online and coming soon!)

Digital Mastery Classes offers packages

Are you interested in learning any of these topic?

  • + Camera:  Get off the AUTO and learn how to use your camera!
  • + Light and how to create a mood.
  • + Creative composition and fabulous framing.
  • + Photography classes will be designed for you.
  • +Learn how to photograph in the manual mode.
  • +Control your camera  and choose your settings.
  • + Learn about the different qualities of light.
  • +Classes include critiques and special assignments.
  • +Photography Classes Miami
  • +Online photograph classes

Introduction to Digital Photo I

 A fabulous way to get to know your camera!

Private Photography Class. One session will be a one on one and then your will have online classes:  3 weeks. You will receive videos with great examples and explanations. We make it easy and fun!

  • + The Aperture and the control sharpness.
  • + The Shutter and the control of movement and how to create movement.
  • + The ISO.
  • + Exposure and learning how to control light.
  • + Resolution, Focus Points, Metering.
  • +The Manual Mode is the best for you, really!
  • + A short Photo Walk (if the weather permits!)
  • + Putting all this together and implementing the tips in your photography.
  • + Assignment and access to video allowing you to review the material.
  • +Assignments will allow you to practice all the features we discuss in class.
  • So…This class is: One session one on one and online classes. Duration 3 weeks.
  • Please contact me prior to registration to obtain proper information about this private photo class.

Travel Photography

Come back from your trips with beautiful photos!

You will learn:

  • + How to use elements to frame an important subject.
  • +Photograph with a purpose, be spontaneous and have fun!
  • + Photo composition: Leading lines
  •  + Photo composition: Camera heights and angles
  • + Photographing under low light and bright lights (depending on the time of the day!)
  • + How repetitive objects and geometrical shapes can make a composition more dynamic.
  • + This is a photo walk class.
  • +This is a Photography Class in Miami.  Class taught at Vizcaya Museum. Students will need to purchase their entrance fee.
  • + Should you want to learn to shoot in the manual mode:  Take the Introduction to Digital Photography I prior.
  • + Please contact me prior to registration to obtain more up to date information about this private photography class.
  • Please contact Marguerite  for prices and to register for this class.


Flash Class– $190

Learn to use your flash on the camera and off camera

Limited classes.  Please contact me prior to signing up for this class.

You will learn:

  • + How to use 2 hand held flashes.
  • + How to use the flash as a fill light.
  • + Lets make that camera flash a bit more interesting!
  • + White Balance for better light and to create a mood.
  • +Gray cards and exposure.
  • + Taking full advantage of the camera’s flash and how to use it for portrait photography with a little help from some accessories
  • +You will play with some great gadgets during this class.
  • Contact me prior to registration and to obtain more information about this private flash class.

How to photograph your baby (coming soon!)

Do you want to photograph your child like a pro?

You will learn:

  • + How to use the window as your best studio light to photograph your baby.
  • + Tell your family story with fantastic photographs.
  • + Using depth of field to enhance the portrait.
  • + Finding the simple and most perfect backgrounds for your baby photos.
  • + Review of some of the cameras functions.
  • + Should you want to learn how to photograph in the manual mode take the Introduction to Digital Photography Class I.
  • Please contact me prior to registration to obtain proper information about this private photo class.

Digital Photography II  $190

Photo Walk: Location to be arranged

You will learn:

  • + For Miami Residents (due to photo walk)
  • + Apply all the information taught in Photo I
  • + Assignments are given online and critiques are given online.
  • + 4 week photography course.
  • + Composition and color.
  • + More on composition:  The use of geometrical shapes and leading lines.
  • + Camera position  and camera height
  • + To shoot in manual mode and use the best functions for specific types of images
  • + To use techniques for your creativity
  • +Composition
  • + Please contact me prior to registration to obtain more up to date information about this private photography class.

Photography & Creativity –

Photo Walk: Landscapes

You will learn:

  • + Look and see with a different point of view …and photograph
  • +Learn about photography composition
  • +Learn how to do macro photography and create your own lens if you do not have one!
  • +How to apply geometry to make your images more dynamic
  • +What is more important: The background or the foreground?
  • +The art of light and photography
  • +Backlight and how to work with it
  • +Photography classes Miami
  • +A flash for my landscapes?  Why not!
  • +How a tiny mirror can add mystery to your images

This class is for those of you who want to develop a style or who want to get out of a rut.  It will take you to a different level of photography. Looking and Seeing are very different things, did you know that?  Learn how to approach things with a different way and change the way you are seeing things. Create a new language.  How to let the genius in you come out to play! $25 Fairchild Gardens admission fee will be required.

Flash Class  $190

Learn to use your flash on the camera and hand held flashes.

Private Class, please contact me prior to signing up for this class.

You will learn:

  • + How to use a flash for fill lighting and for lighting
  • + How to photograph with 2 strobes
  • + Position of strobes for best exposure and light quality
  • + Flash photography can be about some great gadgets!  Get to know some of them.

Other Stuff

Private Photography Classes, Mentoring for Photographers and Hobbyiests, Business mentoring for Photographers. Online classes will soon be available for your convenience.

  • + Private Photography classes
  • + Digital Mastery Program   (private classes)
  • +  The business of Photography   (private class and online)
  • + Free photography classes:  Join one of our  meetups  (here is the other meetup) to learn about night photography for free!
  • +Photography courses, photography lessons

Photography Classes: Do you have a group of friends that share your hobby?  Create your own private photograph class group. Do you want to brush up on some techniques or focus on specific areas of photography? We will design a photography class that fits your needs. Creativity Workshops coming soon.  These are fun and a real eye opener!